1. Chart

    A simple microservice for barcode.

  2. Leaf

    Snowflake algorithm service with gRPC.

  3. Leaf Gateway

    Seppiko Leaf RESTful API and Load Balancing.

  4. Commons

    Commons toolkit.

  5. GLF

    Simple facade or abstraction for various logging frameworks.

  6. SUID

    A time-based sequence algorithm.

  7. MQTTMirror

    Save MQTT messages to MySQL or MariaDB.

  8. MQTTWebhook

    An EMQX webhook client for save message to MySQL or MariaDB.

  9. Canary

    A Twitter and Mastodon bot.

  10. Pigeon

    A security mail gateway that supports authorization and authentication, and use AES to protect your password.
    This mail client is supported by Seppiko Commons Mail.
    And currently supports SMTP and IMAP protocols.

  11. SableCSS

    A CSS builder for functionalize packed.